Gender is a Tool of Colonization

  • the right to exit abusive relationships,
  • the right to exit the sex trade,
  • the right to exit exploitative work,
  • the right to exit capitalist patriarchal impositions on our bodies, our lands, our lives, and our dreams.
  • #SurvivorsNotCriminals Campaign — Beginning in 2018, AF3IRM launched our campaign to decriminalize those (mostly women, children, and feminized people) who have been criminalized for ‘prostitution’ in the sex trade. Hawaii passed the first and only law in the United States to allow any person convicted of prostitution to vacate the conviction and expunge their criminal record, regardless of whether or not they were a victim of sex trafficking. Los Angeles won a landmark victory for survivors in Los Angeles massage establishments, to ensure that survivors would not be criminalized or handed over to I.C.E. LA County will institute a hotline for community members to call in instances of suspected trafficking, instead of calling 9–1–1.
  • Passed an ID law in Hawaii allowing people to ID as m, f, or x according to their identity.
  • Led the campaign in the US and Philippines for justice for Jennifer Laude, a trans woman murdered by a US soldier.
  • Have had trans women in our membership since 1991.
  • Helped repeal the Walking While Trans Ban in NY.
  • Raised money for trans women trying to exit the sex industry.
  • Currently fighting to expand protections for trans and queer families in Hawaii, which directly affects our membership that includes trans couples.



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AF3IRM is a national grassroots organization of women engaged in transnational feminist, anti-imperalist activism, fighting oppression in all it’s forms.